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At-Tuwani Children’s March to Tuba A Success

At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills: On August 2nd, more than one hundred children and their parents from the South Hebron Hills marched...
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Academic Freedom: For whom?

The meaning of "academic freedom" is fairly obvious. It is something that is associated with democratic societies, and it is...
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Trapped Gaza students appeal to British PM

Palestinian students ask British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Sunday to press Israel to let Gazan students that have been accepted...
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Shin Bet security service bars Gazan from studying overseas

Around 150 Palestinian students applied for an academic scholarship from Germany last year. Only six applicants made the cut, among...
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A visit to the jungle

Last week the prime minister congratulated Ariel College for being elevated by the Judea and Samaria Council of Higher Education to...
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Israel’s High Court Petitioned on the Right of Gaza Students to Study in the West Bank

Gisha, the Israeli Center for Protection of Freedom of Movement, petitioned Thursday Israel's High Court in the name of 10 students,...
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Stirling University students landslide vote against Israeli crimes

Stirling University students voted yesterday in a REFERENDUM to support the Palestinians' struggle for their right to education. The...
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Students Association Could Condemn the Israeli Occupation

At the Stirling University Students Association (SUSA) referendum on Tuesday 18th of October students will be voting on whether to...
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Support Stirling University Students to Twin with Birzeit University

Birzeit University and the Right to Education Campaign support the efforts of Stirling University students in opposing Israel's...
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PA Blasts Israeli Education Ministry on East Jerusalem Schools

Mrs. Hind Khoury, Palestinian Authority Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, expressed outrage at the Israeli Education Ministry's...
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