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Children in Gaza attend school in shipping containers

Israel is yet to approve a single truckload of building materials, making it impossible for the UNRWA to build new schools for the...
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Due to Gaza closure, 40,000 students refused from UNRWA schools

Despite Israel's promise to ease the closure of the Gaza Strip, the Gaza school year opened this week with a severe shortage of...
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No West Bank study for Gaza university students

Gaza university students remain unable to access classrooms in the West Bank, a report said on Tuesday. Students from Gaza seeking...
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Top Gaza student studied with oil lamp and mobile phone

Gaza's top Tawjihi student felt like she broke the siege against her with determination and the light from her mobile phone, she told...
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The brain tumor method of leaving Gaza for students

There are about 35,000 Palestinians who live in the West Bank but are registered as Gazans. Due to Israel's successful 20-year-old...
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Israel bans Gaza woman from studying human rights in West Bank

The flow of goods into Gaza may have eased - but for Palestinians, restrictions on movement remain tight. Since 2000, Israel has...
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Israel Announces: No Easing for Travel of People Into and Out of Gaza

The Supreme Court yesterday rejected a petition submitted on behalf of Ms. Fatma Shatif, a human rights lawyer from Gaza, seeking to...
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Thousands missing out on education in Gaza

Thousands of Palestinian refugee children in the Gaza Strip are unable to receive adequate education, according to UNRWA. About 39,000...
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Gaza game exposes siege restrictions on Gaza’s students

An interactive game combining animation, documents, video clips and a blog warns against the policy cutting off the Gaza Strip from...
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Education In Occupied Palestine

An analysis of the educational situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in light of the 2007 UNESCO/Save the Children UK...
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