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Childhood in ruins

A piece by the Guardian's foreign editor Harriet Sherwood about Israel's 23-day bombardment of Gaza, killing around 1,400 people, and...
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Deported student, Berlanty Azzam, Update

On December 9th 2009 the Israeli High Court upheld the actions of the Israeli military and denied Azzam re-entry into the West Bank in...
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Palestinian students cross barriers to discuss boycott

The right of Palestinian students to an education was the main theme of a video conference between students from the occupied Gaza...
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Fragmenting Palestinian land

Twenty-one-year-old Palestinian student Berlanty Azzam was seized by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint in the West Bank last month....
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Vast majority of Gaza children suffer PTSD symptoms

A group of scholars at the University of Washington discussed different aspects of the situation in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian...
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Bethlehem student deported to Gaza

Bethlehem - Ma'an - Israeli forces forcibly "deported" Berlanty Azzam, a Bethlehem University student, to Gaza overnight after...
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Urgent Call for Action: Gazan Student Deported. Support Right to Study

21 year old Berlanty Azzam was detained at a military checkpoint, blindfolded and then deported to Gaza on Monday 2nd November. Azzam...
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Petition filed to overturn student’s Gaza deportation

Israeli forces forcibly "deported" Berlanty Azzam, a Bethlehem University student, to Gaza overnight after detaining her at a military...
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Gaza children struggle for education

In the second part of the BBC's 'Hunger to learn' series, looking at the lengths that children go to to get an education, Katya Adler...
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Israel: Stop blocking school supplies from entering Gaza

Human Rights Watch issued a statement saying Israeli authorities should immediately lift restrictions that have left students in...
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