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Right to Education

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“When will it End”

BZU student Muna Tahir, looks in the "Apartheid Wall" and the effects it has had on her life as well as the lives of her family,...
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Flyers threaten eviction, raise awareness

Members of the group Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians by distributing...
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Birzeit student speaks out: barriers to education and the “Right To Education”

Being a part of “Right To Education “ Campaign is such a thing that gives you this motivation and confident to keep working and...
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Havard students taking a stance against racism

A representative group of students from different fields of the Harvard University is alarmed by the racist and inhumane comments of...
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I Have a Dream, by Ayman Quader

Ayman Talal Quader, a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip, where its people have been besieged for almost 4 years. He was born in...
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A student’s story: Offered a scholarhsip in Spain but trapped in Gaza

An appeal from Ayman Quader, a student from Gaza who has been offered a scholarship Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Castellón, Spain for...
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A student recounts her upsetting experience at Qalandiya checkpoint

Dema El Hellou, Student, Bethlehem University, 9 February 2009 This is a personal story written by Dema El Hellou, a senior student at...
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The story of Sabah, a student at Gaza University

Sabah, student at Gaza University, Documented by the Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC), 14 January 2009 Sabah, a 19...
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Plea from a teenage student in Gaza

Nour Kharma is in the 9th grade and she lives in Gaza City. An Israeli rocket her her school a few days ago, completely destroying it....
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Students at risk of arrest or deportation just for going to University

R2E Student Volunteer, Birzeit University, 18 December 2008 Due to the fact that the state of Israel has control over the borders and...
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