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Due to Gaza closure, 40,000 students refused from UNRWA schools

Despite Israel's promise to ease the closure of the Gaza Strip, the Gaza school year opened this week with a severe shortage of...
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Survey concerning Haifa University and its treatment of the Palestinian Students: A chronicle of discrimination and racism

The reality of Haifa University is significantly remote from that of a campus based on values of academic freedom and action. The fact...
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Israel Announces: No Easing for Travel of People Into and Out of Gaza

The Supreme Court yesterday rejected a petition submitted on behalf of Ms. Fatma Shatif, a human rights lawyer from Gaza, seeking to...
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Thousands missing out on education in Gaza

Thousands of Palestinian refugee children in the Gaza Strip are unable to receive adequate education, according to UNRWA. About 39,000...
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Education In Occupied Palestine

An analysis of the educational situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in light of the 2007 UNESCO/Save the Children UK...
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‘Fragmented’ Education in Occupied Palestine

A 2007 UNESCO/Save the Children UK report titled, 'Fragmented foundations: education and chronic crisis in the Occupied Palestinian...
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Gaza Students Can’t Study in Gaza, Can’t Leave

Students in Gaza are prevented from leaving to pursue education in the West Bank and abroad; Gazan students are frequently denied...
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Report reveals inaccessibilty of higher education for Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian detainees at the Hadarim detention center have been prevented from applying to universities for over a year, the...
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Israeli Juvenile Military Court – four months on

On 29 July 2009, the Israeli military commander in the West Bank, Gadi Shamni, issued Military Order 1644 purporting to establish a...
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Researcher: Israel destroyed Palestinian books

Israel plundered and destroyed thousands of Palestinian books in the years after the State's establishment, according to a doctoral...
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