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Academic claims Israeli school textbooks contain bias

Nurit Peled-Elhanan of Hebrew University says textbooks depict Palestinians as 'terrorists, refugees and primitive farmers'....
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Flyers threaten eviction, raise awareness

Members of the group Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians by distributing...
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Academic boycott: motion on freezing exchange program between Ottawa and Haifa until the fair and equitable access of Palestinian students

Joseph Hickey, representative of the University of Ottawa/Canada Senate for graduate students in the sciences, has submitted a motion...
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Israel’s discriminatory civil service program challenged

Only a few months away from her high school graduation, 17-year-old May Jabareen will soon be preparing applications for university....
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Students from Bethlehem and Al Quds universities protest excavations in Jerusalem

Several student blocs from Bethlehem University and Al Quds University protested the Israeli destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque's Moroccan...
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Racism spreading among students

Three weeks after the publication of a petition calling on Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar to take action against racism...
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Is this not racism? – attacks on Arab students in Israel

Despite relentless evidence that Israeli society is racist to the core, the world outside keeps silent, writes Saleh Al-Naami. One...
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Adalah petitions Supreme Court to compel Education Ministry to open elementary school in unrecognized Arab bedouin village of Sawaween in the Naqab

On 8 December 2010, Adalah petitioned the Supreme Court of Israel on behalf of 70 school children and their parents from the...
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Preference for teaching jobs to Arab citizens of Israel who performed national service

The Committee against National Service, sent an urgent letter to the Education Minister, Gideon Sa'ar, demanding that those applicants...
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School’s out: why Gazans can’t reach class in the West Bank

Gaza -- When Israel announced in June, following its deadly interception of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, that it would ease its siege on...
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