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Right to Education

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Survey concerning Haifa University and its treatment of the Palestinian Students: A chronicle of discrimination and racism

The reality of Haifa University is significantly remote from that of a campus based on values of academic freedom and action. The fact...
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Education under occupation

For the pupils of the Cordoba School, obtaining an education is a daily struggle. Their situation refects a raft of policies that are...
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Palestinians from Jerusalem who choose to study abroad get residency revoked upon return

Palestinians who choose to study and work abroad are finding out - too late - that they have imperiled their right to return to their...
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PDATED URGENT APPEAL: Mass arrest of children in Jalazun Refugee Camp

On 11 February 2010, at least 17 children were arrested from the Al Jalazun Refugee Camp in the middle of the night by Israeli...
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Education In Occupied Palestine

An analysis of the educational situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in light of the 2007 UNESCO/Save the Children UK...
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High school bans Israeli-Palestinian dialogue group due to parents’ pressure

Or Kashti, Haaretz, 17 May 2010 Students report that the principal has said the school aims to raise the rate of students who serve in...
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Shin Bet recruiters enticing Palestinian medical students with Jerusalem entry permits

The Shin Bet security service is trying to force Palestinian students to spy and report on other students' activities as a condition...
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Discrimination in education is flourishing in East Jerusalem

While children in West Jerusalem schools are celebrating 'Jerusalem Day,' thousands of children in East Jerusalem will stay home or...
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Dozens of students injured after Israeli police storm Negev secondary school

The playground of the Secondary Peace School in the town of Hurra in the Negev was turned into a bona fide battlefield after a vast...
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Israeli army confiscates truck; children and teachers forced to walk an hour to homes

On Sunday, 20 December 2009, the Israeli army disrupted transportation of children and teachers from Al-Fakheit school to their homes....
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