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Right to Education

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The Wall – An Obstacle to Educating Palestinian Youth

UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories writes in a report that "the quality of education has deteriorated...
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The “Security” Wall Bars Education in East Jerusalem

With the "security" wall around Jerusalem now reaching its completion, cutting off East Jerusalem from its natural Arab surroundings,...
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Outcry at expulsion of Gazan students from the West Bank

Israel forcibly removed four Palestinian students from their studies at Birzeit University in the West Bank and illegally deported...
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A Day in Birzeit

Mazin Qumsiyeh writes on the trials of daily life in Palestine and the frustration caused by the injustice of the occupation.
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International academic conference marred by detention of Gazan participants

A talk by Jamal Zakout, Palestinian Legislative Council member from Gaza on ending the cycle of Israeli-Palestinian violence in light...
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No Children Included in Israeli “Good Will Gesture”

Amid the fanfare surrounding Israel's 27 December release of 159 Palestinian prisoners as a "goodwill gesture" to Egypt's President...
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Hundreds of Gazan Students Are Still Prevented from Traveling Abroad to Attend Their Universities

Press Release, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 23 October 2004 PCHR remains gravely concerned that hundreds of students from the...
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The Under-reporting of Israel’s Repression of Palestinian Education

Although the media does report on the Israeli imposed internal closures of the West Bank towns, the effects of this closure on...
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