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Right to Education

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The long walk to class

Ilene R. Prusher, The Christian Science Monitor , 20 December 2006 Ahmed Malhi is just 25 feet from school when Israeli soldiers stop...
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The Isolation of Palestinian Education

Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 4 September 2006 The systematic obstruction of Palestinian education not only...
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Life Behind The Wall

Right to Education Campaign, 5 May 2006 'Life Behind The Wall' is a platform for Palestinian student voices, a place where they...
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‘It is a battle every day!’

Abu Baha, Stop the Wall Campaign, 9 April 2006 The girls and boys leave school; the Soldiers throw tear gas and try to arrest some of...
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The Wall – An Obstacle to Educating Palestinian Youth

UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories writes in a report that "the quality of education has deteriorated...
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Launch of Public Outreach Campaign for Education in East Jerusalem

The Ministry of State for Jerusalem Affairs is embarking on a public outreach campaign regarding the dire constraints placed on...
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Israeli colony seizes school grounds

News Story, AlJazeera.Net, AFP: Within 48 h Israel continued it's separation wall, which cuts now a big part of a Jerusalem school...
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Israeli Assault on Palestinian Education in Jerusalem and other Occupied Areas

Ministry of Education Press release: The occupation's restrictions on movement and the land grabbing wall of separation constitute a...
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The “Security” Wall Bars Education in East Jerusalem

With the "security" wall around Jerusalem now reaching its completion, cutting off East Jerusalem from its natural Arab surroundings,...
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Stop the Illegal Separation of Jerusalem from the West Bank

The Qalandia 'terminal', currently under construction is the latest manifestation of Israel's ongoing actions to physically cut...
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