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Teachers’ inmeeting raided by Israeli troops Jerusalem, papers and computers seized by court order

Written by admin  •  Friday, 24.04.2009, 00:00


This week in Jerusalem Israeli forces raided a hall that was hosting a meeting for the reading of educational draft rules.

Participants were taken by surprise as soldiers pounded into the room. “They took our identification and began confiscating the papers we were using during the conference, along with a lap top,” said a witness.

The Israelis closed the meeting forcing all who had been participating in the discussion on the “Jerusalem, Train of Education” draft outside.

It was known to Israeli forces that participants in the meeting were teachers, school administrators and representatives of educational institutions.

A participant noted that the raid was called for by the Israeli court in order to prevent the meeting and to confiscate all materials in its regard.

“This meeting was on education between colleagues on educational progress in Jerusalem,” the witness concluded.

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