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UK students win divestment victory and show solidarity to arrested Jayyous students

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 03.03.2009, 18:08

Students at Cardiff University leave the Shandon Lecture Theatre after their victory.

In another victory for the UK student occupations, Cardiff University has been forced to divest from the arms trade. Also, Sussex University has organized a week of action in solidarity with the arrested students from Jayyous.

The occupation of Cardiff University ended as the university administration acceded to the occupiers’ key demand– to divest from the arms trade. Cardiff University provided students written confirmation that they divested from two companies and have instructed fund managers not to reinvest.

The victory comes after three days of occupation which has made students across the campus aware of the £209,000 worth of shares which, until yesterday, Cardiff University held in BAE Systems and General Electric, two firms which have been selling arms to Israel.

Also, Sussex University, responding to a call on behalf of the arrested students of Jayyous, has organized a week of BDS action for March 2 – 8. On 18 February, more than 70 youth were arrested and interrogated in the village. Several more were arrested later in the week. A number of youth are being held indefinitely, as Occupation forces attempt to crush the growing resistance.

To date, 30 universities in the UK have been occupied, while the renewed student activism sparked by Gaza is not showing signs of slowing down. The movement has galvanized solidarity groups, and many are moving forward with their own divestment campaigns.

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