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Universities open in Gaza Strip, high losses in construction projects and development

Written by admin  •  Sunday, 27.09.2009, 15:44

As the academic year begins, universities in the Gaza Strip are suffering from the cessation of construction projects and development at a value of 50 million USD, says Jamal Al Khudari.

The Chairman of the Popular Committee against the Siege and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Al Khudari said today that Palestinian universities have lost some 50 million dollars.

“The Israeli blockade has halted construction projects, including those at universities,” Al Khudari noted in comments made in Gaza City.

Study commenced at Gaza universities Saturday, with some buildings in substandard condition and a majority of students unable to provide tuition and fees.

“Completing construction on some buildings in the universities, along with building new, is an urgent need especially with the high number of new students. Throughout the universities there are those who have suffered damage with some buildings destroyed by the recent Israeli war,” the Palestinian official noted.

Scientific equipment, laboratories and other specialties are missing from the universities as well.

The head of the Popular Committee against the Siege asked upon the opening of the new academic year that the international community take a stand beside Gaza students in their quest for higher education.

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