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Right to Education

Countdown to Right 2 Education Week!

Written by admin  •  Monday, 04.11.2013, 16:55

Between 11-15 November we’ll be raising awareness of the Right to Education. Join our facebook event for up to date information about what’s going on where. Please contact us on to organise your own event.

We’re excited to hear that the following student groups and people of conscience will be hosting events and Right 2 Education weeks around the world:

  1. Til Palestina, NTNU, Norway
  2. University of Glasgow Palestine Society, UK
  3. University of Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group, UK
  4. Students for Justice in Palestine Rutgers, USA
  5. University of Edinburgh Students for Justice in Palestine, UK
  6. University of Birmingham Students for Justice in Palestine, UK
  7. University of Manchester Action Palestine Society, UK
  8. Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College, USA
  9. Durham University Friends of Palestine, UK
  10. University of Leicester Palestine Solidarity Society, UK
  11. University of East London Palestine Liberation Society, UK
  12. Stanford University Students for Justice in Palestine, USA
  13. University of Liverpool Friends of Palestine, UK
  14. Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, USA
  15. King’s College London Action Palestine, UK
  16. London School of Economics Palestine Society and United Nations Society, UK
  17. Glasgow Caledonian University Students for Palestinian Rights, UK
  18. Stay Human
  19. University College London Palestine Society, Amnesty International Society and  Stop the War Society, UK
  20. Students for Justice in Palestine Hunter College, USA and LEAP Program, USA
  21. Aberystwyth University Education Society
  22. Keele University Friends of Palestine
  23. University of Westminster Palestinian Solidarity Society
  24. Solidarity for Palestinian Rights at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada
  25. Lancaster University Friends of Palestine, UK
  26. Amnesty Studentengroep Nijmegen, Netherlands
  27. Goldsmiths, University of London Palestine Society and Amnesty International Society, UK
  28. National University of Ireland, Galway Palestine Solidarity Society, Ireland
  29. Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, USA

Keep up the good work everyone!

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