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International Day of Action for Gaza Students a World-Wide Success


On Sunday, November 19, 2023, global activities unfolded to highlight the International Day of Action for Academic Freedom for Gaza Students, in the light of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza. In solidarity with the rights of Gaza students to study, thousands of signatures have been gathered worldwide, and demonstrations have emerged in major cities.

Simultaneously, a conference of the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University addressed the challenges faced by Gaza students, outlining future steps in the ongoing campaign. Students commit to weekly meetings to strategize activities and build upon the momentum gained from the International Day of Action.

Birzeit students expressed pleasure upon learning about successful actions worldwide. In the United States, Georgetown University students stage a demonstration at the Israeli embassy, delivering a petition with over 500 signatures to the Israeli government. Cornell University students sent letters to the US President, Vice President, and Congress, seeking support for the campaign.

Across the Atlantic, Cambridge University students in England organized a petition drive in the town center. Similar initiatives took place in France, Italy, and Japan, with a 1500-signature petition presented to the Israeli embassy in Japan. In New Zealand, a workshop supported the campaign and educated students about the challenges facing Gaza students. Demonstrations were organized in Holland and Norway as well.

International Coordinator of the Gaza Students Campaign, Christian Henderson, expressed satisfaction, stating, “The International Day of Action marks the culmination of several months of successful activities. We have now established a strong network of activists around the world and it is exciting to see students themselves at Birzeit University really leading this campaign for education rights and freedom of movement. I urge anyone who wants to take part in this campaign to contact us at Birzeit University.”

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