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Israeli Army Harassment of Birzeit Students on their way to University

Alert, Right to Education Campaign, 7 November 2005 The four students were pulled out of a taxi and instructed by soldiers to wait at...
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Israeli Assault on Palestinian Education in Jerusalem and other Occupied Areas

Ministry of Education Press release: The occupation's restrictions on movement and the land grabbing wall of separation constitute a...
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Israeli Troops Quit Schools After Years

HAITHEM TAMIMI, REUTERS, 25 JUNE 2005 Israeli soldiers on Saturday left three Palestinian schools in the West Bank town of Hebron that...
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Stop the Illegal Separation of Jerusalem from the West Bank

The Qalandia 'terminal', currently under construction is the latest manifestation of Israel's ongoing actions to physically cut...
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Israeli Army Blocks Entrance Gates to Birzeit University

Violation Report, Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 14 March 2005 The soldiers were shooting rubber and live bullets...
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A Day in Birzeit

Mazin Qumsiyeh writes on the trials of daily life in Palestine and the frustration caused by the injustice of the occupation.
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Four Birzeit University Students Illegally Deported to Gaza

Four Birzeit University students from Gaza were arrested by Israeli Army soldiers at their student apartment in Birzeit, near...
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Birzeit University Blocked From All Directions

Report, Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 10 November 2004 On Wednesday, 10 November, the Israeli Army created two...
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Soldiers Filmed Beating a Student from An-Najah University at a Checkpoint

An IDF soldier was seen first beating and then shooting out of control at a Palestinian student at a roadblock north of Nablus on...
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Support Palestinian educational institutions!

Campaign Activity, Birzeit University, 2 April 2004 Sign a statement from your group or organization in support of Palestinian...
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