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Right to Education

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Support Palestinian educational institutions!

Campaign Activity, Birzeit University, 2 April 2004 Sign a statement from your group or organization in support of Palestinian...
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Occupied Campus: The Israeli Military Closure of Hebron University

On the night of January 14/15 2003, the Israeli Army sealed the entrances off and closed by military order two higher educational...
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Hebron University and Palestine Polytechnic University Reopened

On Friday, August 15, the Israeli Civil Administration (the authority that administers the military Occupation of the West Bank and...
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Hebron University Students Denied Graduation

The Israeli army denied more than one thousand Hebron University students from graduating today. After a day of negotiation with...
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Israeli army welds Hebron University gate shut

The Israeli military welded shut the main gate of Hebron University at 2:00 AM on June 10, resuming the fifth month of a six-month...
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Thousands of Palestinian Children Denied Access to Schools

Right now the Israeli military is preventing thousands of Palestinian children and teachers from attending school. A generation of...
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Statement in Support of the Right to Education at Birzeit University and for International Protection for Palestinian Civilians

Appeal Statement, International Academics, 15 September 2002 As academics, educators, writers and artists, we are deeply concerned...
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Israeli Army Closes the Gates to Birzeit University

At around ten o'clock this morning, two Israeli military vehicles carrying about twelve soldiers arrived at the main gate of Birzeit...
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Appeal from Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education on the Occasion of the New School Year 2002-2003

Dr Naim Abu Hommous, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, 28 August 2002 In few days, more than one million Palestinian...
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When the Curfew is Lifted

Tania Nasir, Birzeit University, 6 July 2002 After frustratingly waiting for days on end, I set off from my home in Birzeit heading...
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