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Right to Education

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Military Attack on Ministry of Education Headquarters in Ramallah

Ramallah, 4 April, 2002. The Israeli army has positioned tanks and troops throughout all Palestinian population areas and...
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Urgent Appeal: End the Siege of Birzeit University

Appeal, Birzeit University, 1 October 2001 On September 28th, 2001, the Israeli Authorities stated that they would ease travel...
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Urgent Appeal: Lift the siege on education at Birzeit University

Appeal, Birzeit University, 8 September 2001 On 15 September, more than 5000 students and over 700 faculty and staff will commence a...
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Against All Odds: Palestinian Academies Complete Local Academy Training

Raed El Sharif, program manager at Birzeit University's Information Technology Unit (BIT), and CISCO's main contact for the Regional...
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Officer Itzick: A Hero – he is NOT

Dr. Hanna Nasir, Birzeit University, 8 June 2001 In an effort to touch an element of humanity in the officer, I offered him some fruit...
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Urgent Appeal: Protest Israeli Military Measures Denying Palestinians Their Right to an Education

Thousands of Birzeit University students and staff at 8:00 am today were confronted on the Ramallah-Birzeit Road by several Israeli...
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The Under-reporting of Israel’s Repression of Palestinian Education

Although the media does report on the Israeli imposed internal closures of the West Bank towns, the effects of this closure on...
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