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Our Students Imprisoned Away from Sunlight

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Day is observed on April 17 of this year – nearly fourty-two days after an undercover Israeli unit...
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Birzeit University

Israeli forces kidnap university student, fire shots on campus in broad daylight

A group of Israeli operatives, disguised as Palestinian college students, abducted the head of the Student Council from Birzeit...
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Statement from the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University, January 2018

Ongoing Israeli Policies to Disrupt and Isolate Palestinian Higher Education

To Members of Global Civil Society and Academia: Birzeit University, a Palestinian institution of higher learning, is currently facing...
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Student Abdul Rahman Abu Dahab

Israeli forces have arrested dozens of politically active students amid a rise in violence in West Bank and Jerusalem.

Birzeit University rises up against Israel’s arrests

Birzeit, Occupied West Bank –  National songs echoed throughout the West Bank’s Birzeit University campus as students...
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CALL TO ACTION: Right to Education International Week of Action – 15th-22nd November 2010

A primary goal of the Week of Action is to allow Palestinian students and academics a platform to share knowledge and experience of...
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PDATED URGENT APPEAL: Mass arrest of children in Jalazun Refugee Camp

On 11 February 2010, at least 17 children were arrested from the Al Jalazun Refugee Camp in the middle of the night by Israeli...
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Support the Irvine 11

Urgent Appeal: Condemn the arrest of students who protested Israeli Ambassador's address at UC Irvine. Eleven students were arrested...
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British academic denied entry to the West Bank

Dr. Nicola Pratt, a Lecturer in Comparative Politics and International Relations at the University of East Anglia, arrived at Allenby...
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Right to Education International Student Conference

The first international conference in Palestine on student activism, to be held on the 27th and 28th of July 2010 at Birzeit...
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Support Hampshire College Divestment!

In February, Hampshire College announced that it was divesting from a mutual fund that included six corporations supporting Israel's...
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