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Right to Education

Palestinian Education Ministry Calls on the International Community to Support Gaza Students

Written by admin  •  Monday, 07.03.2005, 15:20

Appeal, Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education , 7 March 2005

The Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education strongly condemns Israel’s terrorist and brutal attacks against Palestinian educational institutions. It urges the international community and Palestinian friends everywhere to condemn such attacks and to pressure the Israeli government to stop its aggression and violence against the Palestinian people and their institutions. We call on you to support us in our call to end the segregation policy against Gaza students which denies them the right to education and access to eight universities in the West Bank.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education considers these Israeli actions as violations of the most basic human and civil rights. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education cannot emphasize enough the need for all supporters of justice and human rights to put an end to all Israeli aggressions against Palestinian institutions and people.

We urge you to support us in our efforts to secure international protection for all the civil society and in particular those in the educational sector to ensure their free movement to and from their institutions.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of our friends in the international community for their support to the right to education in Palestine.

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